Polyglots are still on top of the list if it comes to my posts, but there´s a reason for that. I would like to talk about it a little bit more, because chances are some of you may not know a thing about it. That´s just like me when I started my language learning journey. I thought: well, there must be someone out there, facing the same problems, fighting with the same hurdles as I do. As you may guess, there are plenty of such people in the Internet, writing their blogs on Learning Languages (written in capital letters as they seem to look upon it as their sacred totem of success and awful richness, meh…). So what´s wrong about them?

This is not my intention to name these polyglot´s, because I don´t mind at all what they´re doing. If that makes them happy and they really find it okay, why not, let them keep doing this. Okay, but let´s go back to the beginning. Imagine that you stuggle with repeating words and going through Internet, you´re hoping to find the answer to what niggels you. Hey, look, there’s an article on “How to effectively memorize words?”, that´s pure awesomeness, this is exactly what you´re looking for. You enter, read the whole article (sometimes longer than traffic jams in any random city you wish to put here; unfortunately, not always quality goes hand in hand with lenght), you try out the method and you end disappointed because it didn’t really work out. Now, why?

First of all, any person, no matter how many languages they speak, no matter how long they keep being said to sound like natives, they simply can’t tell you what will work for you. They’re not omniscient, so if you have to read those posts having all the solutions waiting for you right there, you’d better make allowances for the fact that their blog must be universal so that they could gain more people for… another reason that come as following.

Courses, books, “free” materials and “more”! Yes, people, come and get all of these, they will, unchangeably, help to improve your *whatever you have problems with*. From my perspective, paying 150$ to get the course of *whatever you have problems with* it’s way too much, it’s horrendous. I guess for anyone, apart from Americans maybe, it’s too much (otherwise, let me know!). Anyways, go through some of those wonderful offers, but don’t delude yourself to find something for free, like I did. Unless, this is only to tickle your curiosity and for more… you have to pay.

Being a polyglot now became a full-time job and it might seem like I’m against what they do, but this is not true. I personally find it too comerical to be able to read all those perfect-just-for-you tips. What’s more, I admire what they have achieved, probably because of what all those things they advised on their blogs, but this worked for them, not necessarily have to work for you.

To conclude, I would like to stress out that I don’t have nothing agains those polyglots as people. At the beginning I hoped my passion to be far from commercialism, but unfortunately I was wide off the mark. However, no matter how the internetish “Polyglot Elite” will keep with offering their products, I believe there are and will be people who still know how to be over the moon, doing what they love – and not making money of their passion or worse, of someone’s, struggling with it. (I’m really sorry for this too long sentence)

Take care,



PS I’m terribly sorry for being too ironic at times. Also, if you find my point of view unappropriate and generally wrong, let me know about it!