Today, I would like to invite you to participate in one activity that will keep you motivated and aimed to achieve your goals. I’m sure we all have quite the same problem just in the moment of entering the plateu effect when we don’t see any improvement in our language learning. Why is that? You may already have learnt about it, but if you want to know what I would suggest, keep reading.

If you, just like me, have been interested in methods on how to learn languages, or keep being motivated or whatever connected to this topic, chance are you have learnt about writing a language journal. 

For those of you, who don’t know how it works, let me explain it shortly. The point is to jot down your current skills, be it reading, speaking or listening and put the date next to it. When you, let’s say, decide to improve your speaking abbilities and you focus on this one, particular task, go back to your journal, look up what you’ve noted down about speaking and make another note. You see? Is there any improvement? Is it a little better? Or maybe you have no problem with it?

Now, what for all this game? This is really simple and I’ve already undergone it. When you don’t write down something, and I don’t mind, like in this case, your improvement – wether you moved on or not – but even some daily tasks, you simply feel (1) overwhelmed because this little thing keeps reminding you about itself, (2) you can easily forget this when it’s not materialized. Personally, I don’t like neither of those feelings, so I’ve worked on this habit to write down anything.

Hence, if you have the same problem, studying but not seeing you’re better than a few weeks ago or you simply want to give it a try, here is what I suggest.
I would like to encourage you to put down into the comments below the following information:
1. language(s) you’re currently learning;
2. language skills you have now, might be all of them or only one you would like to improve;
3. optionally, you can put down the moment when you started learning this language, so as right now you could see how far you have come.

I would like to share with you my part of the Hungarian journal. 
I have been learning Hungarian since October, 2014 and in that time I had no idea what Hungarian was about. Null, zero, nada! 
In the end of the year 2014, I have already knew about 1000 words, could make up a short conversation, using a dictionary (quite a lot!) and talking about basics. Also, I remember me speaking to me friend, which was actually only asking her how to say this and that. 
Finally, now, in the middle of January, I was talking with her. This time it was like real talk. I have used Hungarian for 15 minutes, that is: I, obviously, thought a lot on how to say something, but the difference is that now when I think about a little bit, I can make a sentence myself. Still, the problem is to get an answer, I mean to understand the natural speed of the speech. It ensues from not really being familiar with listening. That’s what I would to improve.

What is your language story? How did you start? What did you improved? What did you neglect? Share your thoughts in the comment section below and in the month or so from now, I will have gone back to both, mine and yours journals, so to see how far we will have improved. To my way of thinking doing so  together will motivate all of us, but can also be a good place to get an advice, help or any kind of encouragment to keep learning.

Take care,