I’m sure, many of you travel. That might be in your own country or abroad, you surely do this (if you don’t, why don’t you give it a try and catch the train to the city in your city you’ve never been to?). I’m also sure you all like to listen to music. I’m sure you all have at least one song that reminds you of a special place you’ve been to. That actually might be a place in your town. It’s also travelling, isn’t it? As I travel quite a lot, I enjoy doing it and  a huge part of it I devote to talk to people. Then, I put emotions into my headphones, sharing them with the songs I like to listen to. Hence today I would like to share with you some important, to my, songs.

Firs song that comes to my mind is that one I discovered in 2014, last year, in January.

I heard it in the Spanish radio for the first time. I remember it was always on when I was ironing some clothes in the big room downstairs, using a huge iron that I was afraid of even carrying. It looked like a really expensive one, and heavy. As I like walking, I didn’t want my leg to be crushed. It was Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain.

Then, after visiting Santiago for quite a long while, I moved to Barcelona. For even longer. It was June, summer, sun, a lot of fun and beautiful memories. Now, these two songs I discovered after the trip, but they will give you THIS atmosphere of Barcelona.

(By the way, enjoy the lyrics in Catalan, spread your linguistic knowledge!)

Instead, those song give me one of the best memories from one of our international home party. Also in Barcelona.

(Thanks, Sofian, for that one!)

Now, Denmark. It was summer 2012 (I think). We’ve been living next to Aalborg, in the North. I met there so many wonderful people, I remember we put a lot of good music, but those are the ones I remembered the best.

The second song also reminds me how poor my Spanish was and how I have improved since that time.

The last song reminds me of March, 2014 when I co-organized the International Dance Festival in a small city in Poland. I remember I danced to this like crazy:


Now, how about you? Where have you been? Which songs give you such great memories? Feel free to share the links with me in the comments!

Take care,