Last month I started writing mini-journal and I began with Hungarian only. The idea is really simple, because every time I put a summary (so each month or so) where I compare my improvement. When I posted the first part of my journal, there were two people who wanted to join me. Let’s see what happened during that time!

Lucas wrote last month:

“My embarkment of learning Russian began beginning of January. At first, the Cyrillic alphabet seemed alien, let alone the language itself. Circa two weeks later, I can pronounce most Russian words, and even say some basic phrases. Thus far, my studies have been focused upon verbs, conjugation, and grammar. There are several Russian friends of whom I speak with in Russian, and it’s been a tremendous help on keeping my head focused on the language. Furthermore, I have been listening to Russian music, as well. I would like to improve my ability to recall words, and how to conjugate them correctly, while also improving my knowledge on perfect and imperfect pairs concerning verbs. My goal is by the end of this year will be to procure the capability to sustain a basic conversation with my friends, without using Google translate (which usually is very inaccurate with translations, and leads to inappropriate phrases or word usages).”

How are you doing with Russian? Is conjugation clear now? Or at least more understandable?

Then Adam, also learning Russian, wrote:

“Quite a good idea! Maybe I’l try it to improve my Russian. I’ve learnt Russian for 2 years in high school, I know a lot about the grammar, I can decline nouns, conjugate verbs etc., I’m even able to say something, but, when it comes to writing any text, I’m a completely dead loss. There’s so many words missing in my Russian to form any paragraph. That’s what I wanna enhance. Not only do I want to read a lot in the tongue I learn, but to remember useful phrases and make use of them as well.”

How is your vocabulary? Have you read some new text? How have you improve?

Last month I wrote I would improve my listening skills in Hungarian, but I faced with a problem I needed to manage with first. Basically, I took too many words I didn’t really need. I mean without knowing some basic vocabulary I tried to learn some advanced one. I was so discourage to keep learning and I decided to go back a little bit and my main focus now is to acquire verbs I need right now to talk.
What I didn’t write about last time was German. I started refreshing my knowledge in October last year, because the class is on B1 level and my abbilites reach perhaps A2. It’s averaged, because we use now some complicated construction like conditionals, for example, while I still kind of trouble with word order for example. Again, I became demotivated seeing so many words I couldn’t even know in English or Spanish. What I did was to come back to verbs I miss and also nouns I need a lot, because I always keep forgeting them during the class.

What about you? Would you like to join us? If so, leave a comment below and let’s see next month how we have improved!

Take care,