Hello, hello!

Seeing the date of the last published post scared me a lot, I must admit. I haven’t been here for quite a long while. I don’t like the fact it happened, really, but forcing myself to write something wouldn’t be anything better. Hence now I am here again, I would like to tell you more about my language plans for holidays. 

Hungarian – I passed all the exams, but holidays are not an excuse for a break from learning this language – just the opposite, I’m going to Budapest for a month to learn more and more about the language and culture of Hungary. It implies that Hungarian will occupy my mind for the great part of my free time – which is awesome, to be honest. The scholarship I got in Budapest will probably give me a piece of knowledge I would like to present you here afterwards. However if you wish to read something more travel-like, let me know.

German – the situation here is quite funny, because I already aquired how to deal with, you would say advanced, situations, i.e. job interview, but I still lack many basic words. Which means that all I want to do with my German during summer time is to revise vocabulary. My expectation is: it’s Hungary, it may give me some opportunities to practice  German! What will be reality? We will see.

Spanish and English – what I managed to achieve even before starting summer to the full is that I came back to using my Spanish, just playing with the language, watching TV series, etc. My English still needs some habits to be made and these are the aims for the summer.

Esperanto – if I have some time after going back home in September, I will surely learn Esperanto. This is my unfulfilled dream and I would really like to learn this language now, after trying to do so three times.

Okay, plans are made, but it would be good to see the results. Here are some ideas:
– Spanish: more posts written in this language – extending the community of Spanish speakers
– Hungarian: in September I would like to be able to write a small article on any topic. I am aware that many of you won’t understand it, hence I will translate it to English. If you would like to read about something connected to the Hungarian culture, let me know.
– Esperanto: equally as with Hungarian; an article in the end of September on any topic proving that I wasn’t too lazy during the summer.

Now, what about your plans? Any new languages to learn? Something to revise? Share in the comments below!

Take care,