Hey, guys!

As Cristóbal was inspired by his friend to write such a summary about the languages he learnt or was learning, I got inspired by his post and I decided to sum it up. Polyglots are said not to remember what and when they learnt, but since it hasn’t been that long time ago, I´m going to try to remember what I really learnt through this time. So… what languages have I learnt so far?

Polish – I know, I know, it´s pretty obvious, but it´s a summary, that is simply my native language, the only one, the lovely one… it´s just Polish!
Level of knowledge: native

German – Surprise! Most of the people I know, or whose blogs I´ve read, they always learn English as the first foreign language. In my case it was a little bit different, since my primary school offered only German. I started to learn it then, in secondary school I had to switch to English which made me forget about German for a long time – I went back to learning this precisely a year ago when my unversity started.
Level of knowledge: communicative in writing, still revising and learning.

English – I started learning English in secondary school, but during this time in my life, I wasn’t really interested in learning languages, I had another priorities, but I have to say, the closer I was to final exams in high school, the more I enjoyed learning this language. I still use it on a daily basis, but now when I speak more languages than just English and Polish, I find it quite boring to use English when I could use another language (which is quite natural reaction, I guess).
Level of knowledge: fluent

Spanish – When I had to decide between German (which I had enough of), French (which I don’t like) and Spanish, the choice was obvious, but who would say I will go that far with this language? This moment, when I really immersed myself, was really significant as I realized how much I had enjoyed learning it in high school, how easy it became and which way to choose for my future – choose more languages to learn!
Level of knowledge: fluent

Mandarin Chinese – Oh, what a language! Actually, this is my favourite one, the unfulfilled dream, still waiting for me. I started to learn it, I was about to study it but it didn’t really work out, so after a while I stopped it, but it still in my heart and will be for long.
Level of knowledge: some basics, general idea of the language

Czech/Slovak – It’s not my ignorance to put those two languages in one  place – the point is I didn’t go far enough into details between those two languages and I talked to both – Czech and Slovak people and I don’t really know what language they talked back to me. But I learnt only Czech (through Spanish, though) and I was able to observe some differences to use them quite effectively while speaking (or rather writing).
Level of knowledge: passive knowledge – intermediate, general differences between Polish and Czech grammar

Korean – ah, what a language!
To be honest, this is one of the languages I just can’t give up on. I will always come back. I had a short adventure studying Korean at the university and I really loved it. I aquired pretty much, so that now I need to revise some things and I can keep going with studying it slowly, step by step.
Level of knowledge: basic

Hawaiian – another language “ah, what a language!”-type. I’m gonna skip the fact how hard it is to find anyone who speaks this language. However, in the opposition to what I thought – looking for a grammar book online wasn’t that arduous. Hence you can imagine my happiness when I discovered one book of this kind.
Level of knowledge: for now it’s just interest in it.

Russian/Ukrainian: those languages nowadays don’t pay my attention and the only thing I did about them was to learn their alphabets, which partly run away to the dark part of my brain.
Level of knowledge: alphabet.

Hungarian: finally! The most important part of my life and, as well, my student life. The adventure started in 2014, October and it’s not going to end soon. More about Hungarian soon!
Level of knowledge: communicative on a decent level.

Catalan/Galician: they were part of my life when I lived in Spain and even if I don’t learn them now, even if I didn’t really start to learn them, I’m still quite familiar with them, partly because of Spanish, partly because of music I listen to and partly because I lived between Galicians for example.
Level of knowledge: passive limited knowledge because of Spanish

Nope, it’s not the end, the following language also played a more or less significant role in my life, some of them for a longer time, some of them only for several hours:
Japanese, Swedish, Finnish, Saami, Icelandic, Thai, Croatian.

I’m not gonna count how many of them I have contact with so far, because this is not really important. The essence is that I tasted a really huge diversity of languages, I simply followed my passion, my curiosity, my whims. The conlcusion is that I’m gonnna keep doing it and I leave the given question open to you. You can answer this question for me. The most probable thing is that you will say 3 or 4, but I wouldn’t acknowledge it as the-only-truth answer.

Take care,