It’s been really long time since I wrote something like this (ok, it was in February, shame to even mention this!), however I still find it a good way to see how the things are going. Let’s see!

Unfortunately, the situation with my German is not really good. It was always complicated and maybe I’ve already writte something on this, but the problem is I had a long break in learning it – finished learning 10 years ago more less and now, last year was my first year since then when I learned German again. After such a long break I forgot a lot, I half-forgot even more and I had to learn hundreds of new things. This mix of knowledge doesn’t help in anything, that’s why I’m still struggling to imporve my skills. Since my last update things didn’t really change. I may say I’m improving, but slowly and only a little bit. I can have a conversation, maybe even spoken, but I keep forgeting I should go back to the basics, because those are the reasons for which I don’t really move on, I just do something with this language, but that’s not really much about progress.
Not really good news. There’s obviously no excuse to this. The point is now to focus on this language more, because I know I have motivation towards learning it. I can observe how demotivated I am sometimes after the class, but another day I feel like god – able to say anything in German. This is actually pretty fortunate situation because you experience different states of mood and you can learn from them.

What about you? Do you also learn German? Or maybe you struggle as I do with another language? Let me know!

Take care,