The end of this year is just around the corner which brings to my mind two things. The first is that my blog is almost one-year old (in the end of January), which makes me smile, because the last few years I was trying so hard to keep on with writing a blog about many things. Every idea I got wasn’t sometimes not even more than putting a name of it somewhere and leaving it for the Internet to eat it up. Obviously, that wasn’t that one this I was looking for. However, that was aside, let’s go to the point!

First of all, I would like to make a short summing-up on the passing year as it was really intensive, more stable as the last one, causing more reflections on many things (on those also, which I didn’t share here). It’s more than obvious that the most significant part of this year was my Hungarian learning which was intensified by being awarded a scholarship in Budapest (Balassi Intézet). Generally, this year was the time of great improvement, actually obtaining communicative skills in Hungarian (more or less correctly built up sentences, but still with no use of English).
The second part of this year was rather full of thoughts, reflections, ideas and talks with many people on many things, which results you could have seen here, but the main reflection of this year is the following: learning as a process is not everything man does in his life; and more – learning a language is not enough if it doesn’t come hand in hand with culture and people.
As a result of those thoughts, I, somehow strangly, naturally understood there’s no point in having too many irons in the fire (as obviously as it is to everyone) and I focused on Spanish cinema as the main interest of my Spanish language process. Sure, I don’t know a lot about literature, but that might be just the next step to be closer to this culture. Simply.

When it comes to next year, it seems like it’s gonna be a hybrid of the last two years – not so stable, intensive and reflective. First and significant change appear just in the end of January, when I am going to move to Budapest for studies. That will be half a year long (until I get another scholarship, haha), so the goal is to spend the whole next year in Hungary. As a natural consequence it will intensify my language learning, but it won’t be that stable year because of my plans for travelling in the same time, too.
I would like to continue this flow on Spanish cinema and I thought about having a blog about the movies I have seen. The idea is still in its infancy, but growing fast!
My boundless love to Spanish must cause a journey (during summer time preferably) to Spain, as I haven’t been there this year.

No doubt, I also have a plan for what will happen here, on my blog.
I actually think of it as a challenge – meaning Alphabet Challenge. Every month or two months we should take one alphabet to learn, learn it and include a summing-up every end of the month. So if anyone is interested, let me know! I already have a list of the alphabets I would like to learn, and you?

As the end of this post, I would like to note down a reference concerning my German Language Journal. For one simple reason – I feel the next step coming. Last time when I talked with my teacher, I felt a real flow, like if I spoke German seriously, I don’t even know how exactly I should describe this feeling.

I’m looking forward to reading your plans and ideas for next year, share!

Take care,