As we already entered into the New Year, let’s play the “Did you know…” game about… Chinese New Year! I wrote on my fanpage that I would like January (February too, probably) to be more about Asia, so when some movies still have to be seen, let’s learn something new about other cultures!

Did you know…?

  • Chinese New Year’s celebration lasts for 15 days (usually in February/March in Gregorian calendar) and ends with Lantern Festival (元宵节, Yuánxiāojié)
  • it’s celebrated, in contrary to Europeans, with family at home
  • this year the Chinese New Year falls on 8th of February and the following year is going to be Monkey’s Year, with Earth as element and Yang as the number is even.
  • The last month of the Chinese Year is important to prepare the house for the arrival of New Year, that’s why on the 8th day all people clean their houses to through the ghosts out, on the 23th day to the Kitchen God goodbye is said, also what needs to be done is: changing the 年畫 (nianhua), pay off a debt you have.
年畫 Niánhuà
  • At the day of New Year the gifts are given.
  • New Year is known also as Spring Festival
  • Chinese New Year is celebrated not only in China, but also in: Hong Kong, Makau, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia
  • red colour is especially importan during those days because it brings luck, so you should, for example, put money as a gift in a red envelope
  • Chinese people started to count earlier and because this is not sure which date is the right one, year 2015 can be 4713rd, 4712nd, or 4652nd in Chinese calendar.
  • if you want to have more luck, you should dress yourself red, but under one condition – it must be brand new, so that it could bring you luck
  • really popular show that you can see during celebrations is Dragon Dance or/and Lion Dance – to evict bad spirits
  • since celebrating means spending time with families, families in mainland China mean travels, a lot of travels. So in fact, this period is know as annual largest migration.

However Chinese New Year is celebrated outside China too, we should remember that in every country it’s celebrated in a specific to its nation’s traditions.
Do you somehow celebrate Chinese New Year? Are you planning to? Or maybe you know more about the traditions being held at that time? Share!

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