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me, myself and IHello! My full name is Jakub Wysocki what for some of you may not have any sense, so to simplify this issue, you can call me Kuba (comparing to my full name makes even less sense, huh?). Currently, I’m studying Hungarian Philology at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań (Poznan, Posen); that is: I’m not taking a language course, I would say it’s kind of a hybrid of History, Literature and Linguistics. I’m definitely into Linguistics and this is not only because of my studies – I made it my passion not so long time ago, maybe three years backwards. However, previously I had had a huge interest in Psychology and I still do – Psychology as such interests me mainly at the field of Psycholinguistics. But this is really not all what I like to learn more about; I always say I’m interested in everything but I temporaly turn on and off what I need/don’t need in particular time. Basically now, what interests me most, besides what was already mentioned, is: History (especially Hungarian and Spanish ones),  Philosophy, Glottodidactics, Dialectology (within Spain).

Now, I know the following languages (from the best to the least knowledge): Polish, English, Spanish, German, Hungarian. It actually means that I’m fluent in Polish, English and Spanish; then I can kind of communicate in German and Hungarian. I wouldn’t be a born linguist paying attention to only 5 language during those approximately 3 years, for that reason I’m going to gradually post new stuff about all of them (hopefully I won’t forget any).

Finally, the last information is that for this year I want to put Spanish, Hungarian, German and Catalan under the microscope. I will also explain why those, not others, as they are part of my 2015’s Resolutions.

Just in case you would like to contact me for any reason, I’m waiting for your message here: jakuub.wysocki@gmail.com

Thank you for reading and I hope you will find something fascinating on here.




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